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Welcome to Thunder Crow Studio,
Portland, Oregon, USA

Dedicated to capturing music that is locally made, tasty, alive and intoxicating

Home-grown in the land of tall trees, puddles, slugs, micro-brews, and coffee shops on every corner. Poke around, see the sights of the site. Buy a CD or two. We're under construction right now, so please be patient. If there's something you came to see that isn't ready yet, please come back soon.

You can buy the Bull Dozer's CD, No Adult Supervision, at the following outlets in Portland, Oregon: Music Millenium East at SE 32nd and Burnside and Everyday Music on NE 19th and Sandy. It's also be available on the net at and will be available at other stores in the Portland area. So go get one! (The cool thing about Everyday Music is that they put all the local stuff in with the Big Guys. It's kinda cool to be in the same isle as The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Bachman Turner, Bread, and the Bacon Brothers. In fact we should be extremely close to the Butthole Surfers.)

Check out the Bull Dozers myspace page: