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Thunder Crow's Favorite Links

Allen Peterson's Site - Allen is more or less in charge of the musical endeavors of the group, Harmonic Convergence, which includes one of the main Thunder Crows, Lon Jones.
Alan Peterson and Peterson Entertainment Enterprises - great music with a heart!
Jason Webley is a mad, gypsy-pirate accordian player from Seattle who is a favorite around Thunder Crow. Jason's a great songwriter who has a talent for getting an audience to do the strangest, silliest things. If you ever get a chance, go see him. At least buy his CDs, they're wonderful.
Dave Francey is a wonderful singer-songwriter/story teller from Scotland via Canada. In 2002 David was awarded a JUNO in the Best Roots and Traditional Album - Solo category for his second CD, Far End of Summer.
Web Site Services

Dan Linn's Site
- Dan Linn is the web designer and whizbang who helped Thunder produce this site. (He's also the son of, and nephew of, people I used to hang with when I was his age. Which makes poor 'ol Thunder feel VERY old.)
Scurrilous Progressive Treason

Chicken Hawks
- What did 'W' do during the Vietnam War? Have Carl Rove, Bill O'Rielly, Rush, or Newtie served in the US Armed Forces?

Let's Get the Truthout
- Progressive essays, editorials, and voices you won't hear elsewhere.

Common Dreams
- Information clearinghouse and news source.
Geeky or Weird

Oregon Scientific
- Weather stations and atomic clocks. Cool stuff! Impress your friends, and ensure that you will never meet anyone of the opposite sex.

- At last a website for those of us that are unmotivated. The catalog promises that "Operators are waiting to take your money." The founder and COO promises, "No matter who you are, you have the potential to be so very much less. And with the transformative powers of our Demotivators products, you will be."

The Onion
- The online humor magazine that's about as good as it gets. PG-13 rating. Not for the easily offended.