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The Story So Far

The College Years (Wink Wink)

Over a thousand dog years ago at Mt Hood Community College in Gresham, Oregon, Lon Jones, Dale Jones, and Jeff Woodcock were studying music as a ruse to cover their real interests which were: chasing girls, partying, sleeping until noon, and putting off adulthood as long as possible.

Lon, Dale and Jeff, who had been playing music together since they were in grammar school, met Dan Pettis at that esteemed jazz school. Dan was, and still is, a kick-ass keyboard player. He took a liking to the boy's hot vocals and before you know it Dan was playing music with them too. Sadly, the group went by the horrendous name of Cock and Bull. 

The Bull Manor Years

Later (or perhaps at about the same time; it's sort of blurry) at the legendary Euphoria Tavern, they met Peter Moss, hot shot saxophone and flute player, who also joined the group. The band was living rock and roll commune style in a big house in S.E. Portland which soon became known as "Bull Manor". (There were several other members of the group who also lived at The Manor, but we won't mention their names because they have reputations to protect.) 

Many things happened there, some of which we can’t quite remember, however one thing we do remember is Rolling Donut Studio, which was in the basement of The Manor. At the heart of Rolling Donut was a grumpy Teac 4 track reel to reel, and it was a rugs on the walls, beer-soaked, altered-state kind of place. At the Donut many recordings were made, most notably an album called Nature’s Fix. We made approximately 4 (nobody knows for sure how many) bootleg albums full of songs by famous artists who were never properly contacted for distributions of royalties. (Not that there were any royalties to distribute.) The denizens of Bull Manor eventually dispersed and Rolling Donut disappeared along with it. The house, suffering under one of the most god-awful paint jobs, still stands, though few remember its glory days. 

Dog Star, No, Lazy Dog, No, Thunder Crow?

A few years later Rolling Donut reappeared as a four track cassette excuse for a studio called Dog Star. Three original albums and a collection or two of celtic songs were recorded there with the same scrupulous attention paid to paying royalties. In 2000 a cranky 12 track digital machine was purchased by Dale. Thanks to a thrashy metal band in LA stealing the name Dog Star, the name was changed to Lazy Dog because of the resident dog stars: Kuni and Annie. (Occasionally you can hear their tags jingling in the background, and more than once Kuni has spontaneously burst into song while the recorder was running.) Via the magic of the internet we discovered that people already have both Lazy Dog and Dog Star covered, so we changed the name to Thunder Crow figuring that no one in their right mind would use a name like that.

And so far, we've been right.

Well anyway, Thunder Crow studio is dedicated to music that is locally made, tasty, alive and intoxicating - sort of like a microbrew. We are, at this point, Dale Jones, Lon Jones, Dan Pettis, and Jeff Woodcock, with guest appearances from Peter Moss, Glenn Fernley, Brad Elliot, It’s a homemade, get down, non-apologetic independent record label. Our motto is "No Adult Supervision". Our mission: The destruction of the dominant paradigm and the end of corporate control of the music business by a handful of powerful record companies. Just kidding! They'll probably do that with no help from us. We really don't have a mission other than making good music and having a laugh or two.

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