1. Favorite Face


A full moon bigger than the back of god’s hand,
Draws a gull out to sea.
On the ebbing tide, it flies back to shore.
And you turn your face to me.
Like a rose on a summer night.
Fills the breeze with perfume.
It draws a moth to the flower's heart.
Like my soul is drawn to you.

Seasons change, brightest flowers fade.
Mountains bow to the sea.
Temples fall, armies turn to chaff.
Still, your face would call to me.
Across the gulf spanned by gods and dreams.
Across all space and time.
My restless soul would fly across the void.
To have your face next to mine.

Here in my mind’s eye,
I keep the portrait.
That Cheshire smile,
Leaves an enigmatic trace.
Right out of my dreams,
Into my waking days.
Comes the one who wears,
My favorite face.

In the park,
As our dogs played,
My broken heart,
Clumsily displayed.
My burning tears had long since dried,
But my hopes for love were fading.
A kindly face.
A gentle hand.
Let my heart resume its dreaming.
Did you know?
Did you know?
That you'd win my heart.
Did you know?